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    • I keep reaching my army size limit (59) and I don't know how to increase that so an someone tell me how to make my army size bigger?


  2. mount and blade warband - How do you win against the superiority of NPC Lords? - Arqade

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    • A good army size to have when declaring for a claimant is at minimum of 150.
    • This will increase your holdings and lords without having to fight them.


  3. How to Increase Your Skills and Attributes in Mount and Blade

    • This is an article on increasing your skills,attributes and weapon proficiencies by following some easy steps and without playing for hours.You may call it a cheat but I discovered it myself.
    • There open the folder named "Mount&Blade Warband Characters".


  4. Steam Community :: Guide :: Introductory Guide to Mount & Blade: Warband

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    • Charisma: Each point towards Charisma increases your maximum party size by 1 point (increasing your Renown will also affect your party size).
    • Learning how to support your army will make it much more powerful.


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    • Increase battle size? How to?(warband) Also whats a good limit on battle shize to keep sieges a bit balanced? (i remember they tend to be a bit skewered in huge
    • Armies just circle each other in the centre and makes you feel boxed in. With your flanks crooked at the maps edge. Breaks immersion.


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  7. Guide to Becoming King in Mount & Blade: Warband

    • We also explain marriage in Mount and Blade Warband and show you how to woo and marry a lady.
    • Obviously you have to be levelled up, kitted out and in command of a large, well trained army.


  8. Mount & Blade: Warband Rise to the Throne Guide Part 2 Mount and Blade : Mount and Blade

    • We have established the basic process of how to create your own faction. In simple terms you
    • Another new option in Mount & Blade: Warband is to woo a lady with poetry and marry her.
    • The benefit of marriage is that it gives you the ability to hold feasts and increase your standing.
    • 2 Get in game and recruit troops. 3 When you have a strong and decently sized army, I always attack bairrye...


  9. Guide: How To Increase Battle Size In Mount & Blade: Warband | Best How To Videos

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    • Is there a way to do this for original Mount and Blade?
    • I was seiged by a giant army (800+), and I THINK* their starting battle advantage was so high, that it forced my army (around 80) to not be able...


  10. how to change your battle size in mount and blade warband HD - YouTube

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    • [Episode 1]M&b Warband a New Dawn - Enlisting in the Kings Army - Duration: 53:50.