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  1. Heroes or companions are unique troops with individual names, stories, skills, attributes, and...

    • Mount&Blade: Warband Heroes Skill Stats.
    • In Mount&Blade: Warband, your companions can be made into lords and given towns, villages or castles.


  2. Companion skills ? - Mount & Blade: Warband Message Board for PC - GameFAQs

    • Is every companion skill directly effects my char ? will his path-finding apply to our map movement speed ?
    • Each of the skills has a different classification. "Party Skills" are skills where the highest skill among yourself and your companions is the one that matters.


  3. Skill Stacking Confusion :: Mount & Blade: Warband General Discussions

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    • The only personal skill you should upgrade on your companion is "trainer". Trainer gives a fixed amount to each unit.


  4. How to respec? - Mount & Blade: Warband Message Board for PC - GameFAQs

    • You should play the Crpg multiplayer mod for Mount and blade: Warband. its good its good.
    • Thanks for the help, but the problem is my companions. I wasted points into the same party skills for them. Invisible War and Human Revolution are nonexistent in my book.


  5. Redoing skills and attributes | Forum

    • Is there a way to reset my skills and attributes for a savegame?
    • Also, is there a way to respec your companions as well? I tried exporting their stats but it just exported mine.


  6. Guide to Becoming King in Mount & Blade: Warband

    • This is the final part of our Mount & Blade: Warband guide. Here we take a look at recruiting lords and granting vassalage to your companions. We also explain marriage in Mount and Blade Warband and show you how to woo and marry a lady.


  7. Mount&Blade/Skills — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

    Skills are divided into three categories: personal, party, and leadership skills. All skills range from level 0-10 (although for party skills, the effective level can exceed this with bonuses). Skills can be improved by spending skill points.


  8. There are five factions in Mount&Blade, while Warband added a sixth. They are constantly at war...

    • in: Mount and Blade Wiki. Factions (classic). Table of Contents.
    • This is not the case in Warband, as a player may assign companions as vassals and convince rival lords to defect.
    • If a faction has had all of its territory conquered but then regains a fief , the time until elimination will be reset, and the...


  9. mount and blade warband - Do the party skills of my companions add up? - Arqade

    • Yet Party skills have me confused. For instance, when building advancement or besieging a castle only the companion with the highest Engineer skill counts.
    • Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged mount-and-blade-warband or ask your own question.


  10. mount and blade warband reset companion skills

    • mount and blade warband - Do the party skills of my companions... gaming.stackexchange.com. Personal skill seems clear enough that it only concerns the actual companion. Yet Party skills have me confused.